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"My CRT, created in 1997, was paying over $10,000 in fees each year to Merrill Lynch Trust Company. Most years it was necessary to file for tax extensions on my personal returns due to the untimely completion of my CRT tax returns by MLTC. I switched to CRTPro three years ago.  The service has been great and my CRT distributions have increased.  Jeff even helped my CRT completely resolve a $4,000 IRS penalty notice.  Jeff, you are a real professional and thank you again for your timely response to questions and prompt trust administration and tax service."

Clyde Thompson, Arizona

I serve as trustee of two separate CRTs. I am so glad I transferred the administration duties for both CRTs to CRTPro. Not only have I saved a great deal in administration fees, but CRTPro has saved my CRTs thousands of dollars by resolving an issue for me with the IRS."

M. Mciver, Oregon

"I was formerly using my financial planner as the CRT trustee and my CPA to prepare the CRT tax returns. After consulting with Jeff at CRTPro, I decided to significantly reduce CRT expenses by becoming self trustee for the CRT and using CRTPro for administration and tax preparation. Jeff provided valuable information and assistance in the conversion process to self trustee for the CRT. I am very pleased with the CRTPro service and have found Jeff to be very responsive to the needs of my CRT."

Jim Sugi, California

"I'm glad that we found CRTPro LLC. The original administrator was ferociously expensive, then I took over the burdensome task of the tax forms. Finally, we discovered CRTPro LLC; their service has been reasonable in cost and prompt response."

Frank and Jan La Fetra, California

"Jeff Drollinger of CRTPro was indispensable when we were forming our CRUT. He very freely spoke with us and answered our questions. Jeff is service oriented. He is always available and will research issues if he doesn’t know the answer. Our tax returns were completed accurately and timely. We are confident we selected the right charitable remainder trust administrator for our CRT."

F. & B. Roper, California

There are approximately 80,000 charitable remainder unitrusts in the USA with assets under $1 Million (source: If your CRT tax administration is being handled by a bank trust department or similar organization, you are probably paying too much for this service. Jeff at CRTPro LLC has handled our trust since 2006 and we have been very pleased with his punctual, professional work.“

Ron and Sally Jamieson, North Carolina

"The CRTPro service has been spot on and Jeff's expertise is a real value with the not so normal filings and forms."

Steve Diemer, Diemer Financial, Wisconsin

"I have had a CRT since April, 2005, and have used CRTPro for all the tax forms from the first year. I think the tax issues are tedious as far as tracking all the separate tiers of income for taxation purposes. This is an on-going issue which I am happy to turn over to Jeff at CRTPro. I receive all the completed state and federal forms by downloading them from the CRTPro site, and just print them out and submit them. I don't think you can find a more reasonable service, and I highly recommend it. If your trust is self-administered, you are already saving the expense of paying a trustee who might normally handle the tax issues, and a trustee can cost a lot more than the CRTPro service. "

Michael Chinn, California

"I've had a CRT for two years now and I appreciate the professional service and follow up I get with CRTPro. Jeff seems to take a genuine interest in his clients and is quick to offer advice when I've asked for it. CRTPro is worth the money in quality of service and peace of mind."

Rick Bondy, Michigan

"The tax issues with my CRUT are far more complex than my CPA can handle. All the information I need to keep me and the IRS happy is readily accessible and understandable with CRTPro. CRTPro has saved me countless hours of aggravation over tax requirements. I feel very fortunate to have found this special service. Working with CRTPro is smooth and easy. It's like working with a friend."

Allen Paulson, Oregon

"CRTPro works GREAT for me and my CRT. The downloads work great and Jeff is always very prompt with answering questions and emails. I more than get my money's worth with the CRTPro service. I'm hooked!"

Steve Hardesty, Florida

"We were extremely pleased with the CRTPro administration and tax service. CRTPro prepared our tax documents promptly so there were no delays for our personal tax filings. We had no problems printing the completed forms online. The CRTPro instructions are very easy to understand. We would gladly be willing to share our experience with CRTPro with others. "

Don and Sharon Andrews, California

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